Шрифт Davis

Шрифт семейства Davis версии Version 2 - 4.28.98 имеет стиль Normal. Входит в категории: латинские, бесплатные, рукописные. Занимает места на жестком диске 37 Kb. Скачайте шрифт бесплатно и без регистрации. Перед использованием обязательно изучите лицензию на использование шрифта.

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Шрифт Davis




Стиль Normal
Автор Tom Murphy 7
Семейство Davis
Идентификатор Frog: Davis (2)
Версия Version 2 - 4.28.98
PostScript название Davis
Торговая марка Davis Copyright (c) Tom Murphy 7
Описание Created by Tom Murphy 7. A cool and usable lazy-digital font. Difficult to describe... Just look at it. (version 2: fixed 'J') [Divide By Zero] fonts: http://members.aol.com/vroomfonde/ttf/
Регистр букв верхний и нижний
URL автора перейти ';
URL лицензии http://members.aol.com/vroomfonde/ttf/legal.html
Описание лицензии Here is the summary of the license for this font, which may be overridden by (most likely very similar) new licenses at the URL below. NO MONEY must ever exchange hands for this font file, without EXPLICIT WRITTEN PERMISSION from the designer. This means you MAY NOT SELL THIS FONT on a font-collection CD, nor singularly nor part of any other type package. You may distribute this font file to anyone you want, as long as you do not modify it and do not charge any money or services. You can use this font in noncommercial applications and websites freely and without the designer's permission. You can use this font for commercial purposes provided you notify the designer ([email protected]) and provide him with a free sample of the associated product, where appropriate. Your conscience gets to decide what is appropriate. For the full license and updates: http://members.aol.com/vroomfonde/ttf/legal.html Mailing address: Tom Murphy 7 339 Still Hill Rd Hamden CT 06518.1830 USA


Латинские, Бесплатные, Рукописные

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